Rules for reservations and objections UFO

The positions at Radboud University are classified in so-called job profiles. These are laid down in the University Job Classification (UFO).

Administrative rules for submitting and dealing with reservations and objections regarding job classification

Adopted by the Executive Board on 3 November 2003, last amended on 3 March 2021

Noting the job classification regulations of the national advisory committee for Dutch Universities, the employer has drawn up the following administrative rules.

  1. An employee who objects to their classification into a job profile and/or job level can request the employer to reconsider this classification. The objections with reasons should be submitted in writing to the employer within four weeks of receipt of the decision regarding classification into the job profile and/or level.
  2. Under point 1, “employer” is understood to mean the dean or director authorised by the Executive Board.
  3. The employee shall be invited by the employer to provide an oral explanation of their objections if necessary.
  4. The employer may delegate an official to take the hearing and/or explanatory interview.
  5. The hearing and/or explanatory interview shall take place within four weeks of receipt of the objections.
  6. The employer shall take a decision regarding the job classification and provide reasons within six weeks of receipt of the objections. The employer shall inform the employee in writing of the decision, notifying the employee that they may lodge an appeal with reasons in writing within four weeks of the date of the decision to the Executive Board of Radboud University Nijmegen, PO Box 9102, 6500 HC Nijmegen.
  7. The appeal shall be signed and shall contain at a minimum:
    a. the name and address of the applicant;
    b. the submission date;
    c. a description of the decision that is the subject of the appeal;
    d. the grounds for the objection.
  8. The Executive Board shall present the appeal to the national advisory committee for job classification along with the relevant documents within two weeks of receipt.