Vidi policy

The collective labour agreement (CLA) stipulates that (potential) employees who are awarded Vidi grants must become permanent employees. This means the current Dutch Research Council (NWO) policy (embedding guarantee), combined with the CLA arrangement, will be decisive. The university will give the following guarantees in advance if a grant is awarded:

  • Scientific guarantee: the faculty guarantees that the research proposal fits within the faculty’s research policy and scientific course;
  • Employment guarantee: in compliance with the CLA, the Vidi candidate will be given a contract of employment for an indefinite period if the grant is awarded.

The Executive Board will continue to consider the Vidi rounds and the guidance of candidates as an extra opportunity for (young) talent development. In doing so, Radboud University offers additional career perspectives and job security to talented employees. The Executive Board deems it important to hold honest discussions with potential candidates in good time. After all, it is good for temporary employees/candidates to have an honest and timely conversation about the merits and realities of pursuing an academic career.