Flexible working hours

Provision has been made for ‘flexible working hours’ under the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO).  The Flexible Working Hours Scheme requires that you make an agreement with your supervisor that deviates from the standard number of working hours per week, which is 38 hours. Find out more about standard working hours.

Flexible working hours do not affect your salary. If you work full-time, the difference may amount to two hours per week. There are two variants in the Flexible Working Hours Scheme:

  1. The plus variant, in which you will acquire 96 compensation hours if you work 40 hours a week.
  2. The minor variant, in which you will forfeit 96 holiday hours if you work 36 hours a week.

Compensation hours must be used up in the year in which you have accrued them. You will also need to use up all of your holiday hours. You are not allowed to have more than 80 hours left at the end of the year (calculated on a pro rata basis).


You may participate in the Flexible Working Hours Scheme plus variant if:

  • You have accrued a maximum of 80 hours of leave since 31 December of the previous calendar year. You will need to have worked full time. The holiday hours that you have either saved for leave over a longer period or a sabbatical do not count. In such cases, you will need to have made a written agreement with your supervisor about this period of leave.
  • You have made written agreements with your supervisor regarding the implementation of flexible working hours in the forthcoming calendar year.

You may participate in the Flexible Working Hours Scheme minus variant if:

  • This does not result in any operational problems.
  • You have made written agreements about scheduling your flexible working hours. This condition applies to the forthcoming calendar year.

Staff members who are excluded from the Flexible Working Hours and Vitality Pact Schemes are those who participate in the Senior Staff Scheme, student assistants who work on an hourly basis and on-call workers.

Choosing a different variant

When you start working at Radboud University, you will usually start by participating in the plus variant of standard working time. If you wish to participate in the minus variant of standard working time, you will need to consult your supervisor. For this purpose, you can fill in the Standard and Flexible Working Hours Form (docx, 65 KB). You can submit your completed form to the your personnel HR officer.


Need help? Get in touch with your personnel HR officer.