Parking fees

Paid parking is in effect on campus between 7.00 am and 6.00 pm during working days. If you park for less than 30 minutes, you can exit without charge. After this, parking costs €2,50 per hour; the maximum daily rate is €12,50 per day. You can pay your parking fees with your debit card, credit card or any other type of contact-free payment method. Cash payment is not possible.

This rate also applies to parking spaces near the Radboudumc and the neighbourhoods around the campus.  Parking rates are the same throughout the district. 

Exemption paid parking

In some cases, you can apply for an exemption for paid parking. This is possible, for example, if you have a disability. When you are a German student without a Dutch OV card, you can apply for an exemption using the Selfservice.  

Parking with a day ticket or a discount ticket

A day pass can be presented directly at the gate when exiting. With the discount card you go to a cash desk, there you enter the discount card, then the exit card and you get that back to offer at the gate when exiting. 

Departments can order day or discount tickets so that visitors can leave the parking areas on campus without any charges. 

Order parking tickets


Day tickets are valid for a whole day, discount tickets for a maximum of 4 hours. The day tickets and discount tickets have no expiry date.

Parking with a parking subscription

Staff and students can apply for a parking subscription.

More info on parking subscriptions

Fines for illegal parking 

The following fines will be given for illegal parking.

  • Parking in a no-parking zone: €90.00
  • Parking in a permitted parking space without a permit: €90.00
  • Parking in a disabled parking space without a permit: €370.00


Do you have a question about parking or need help? If so, please contact the Service Centre.

+31 24 363 33 33

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