Going abroad

Everything about studying, doing an internship, working, conference visits, and more abroad; such as options, preparation and scholarships.

If you are an employee, always complete the form 'Foreign Residency Notification' first.

  • The 30% tax facility

    Employee: Are you coming from abroad for a job at Radboud University or going abroad for a longer period of time? If so, you may be entitled to the 30% rule.

  • Submit your address while abroad

    Employee: If you are a Radboud University staff member and are staying abroad for work, it is important that the University has your temporary address while abroad.

  • Taxes when living abroad

    Employee: If you go abroad for six weeks (45 days) or more for your work, this could affect your tax payments. This means that you will usually need to fill in the Foreign Residency Notification Form.

  • Checklist: Temporary stay abroad

    Employee: If you are going abroad for up to 6 weeks, it is a good idea to check a few things before you go.

  • Checklist for moving abroad

    Employee: If you are planning to move abroad while you remain in the employ of Radboud University, you will need to arrange a number of matters pertaining to social security, taxation and your health insurance as an employee.

  • Foreign Residency Notification Form

    Employee: Always fill in the Foreign Residency Notification Form prior to your departure to find out if you can continue to be insured under the Dutch social security system or if you will need to take out insurance in the country where you will be...

  • Immigration and visa

    Employee: Going abroad? Then check in advance what you need to be able to travel and work in that country.

  • Applying for travel in BASS

    Employee: If you travel abroad, you may be entitled to reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs. You can declare these and request an advance in Radboud University’s Business Administration System (BASS).

  • Taking out travel insurance

    Employee: If you are going abroad for a maximum of one year in your capacity as a Radboud University staff member, you can obtain travel insurance from the university.

  • Social security when living abroad

    Employee: If you are planning to work and live abroad temporarily and your employment contract and salary from Radboud University remain valid, Dutch social security will generally continue to apply.

  • Vaccinations

    Employee: Are you going to a tropical or a subtropical country? Check beforehand whether you need vaccinations or a health certificate.

  • Health insurance

    Employee: Are you staying in Europe or going outside Europe? Check with your health insurer if you are covered for medical expenses during your stay abroad.