Checklist for moving abroad

1. Request personalised advice

Start by filling in the Moving Abroad Assessment Form. You will then receive personalised advice about matters like taxation and social security from Global Staff Services. 

2. Check where your social security should be arranged

On the basis of your completed assessment form, Global Staff Services will let you know which country you should be socially insured in and advise you about how this should be done. It is important that this is done in the right country so that you can take advantage of such benefits as child benefits, or work disability or unemployment benefits.

Click here to find out more about social security

3. Check where you’ll need to pay payroll tax

On the basis of what you filled in on the assessment form, a Global Staff Services labour lawyer will determine whether you will need to pay payroll tax on your salary in the Netherlands or in your new country of residence. If you are taking advantage of the 30% tax rule and you no longer pay payroll tax in the Netherlands, this ruling will cease to apply. 

Please note: You will also need to check whether you are currently receiving any benefits that need to be cancelled on time. 

4. Check where you’ll need to take out health insurance 

Your personal situation will determine whether you can remain insured in the Netherlands. You can find all of the information that you need about this on the CAK website (CAK is the Central Administration Office for Exceptional Medical Expenses).
Please note: You will also need to check your situation with your health insurance provider; it is important that you are insured properly.

5. Renew your passport

If your passport or identity card is about to expire, make sure that you get it renewed at the municipality where you are registered before you leave. Applying for a passport or ID card outside the Netherlands often costs more money and requires more time and effort.

6. Create a DigiD account

Make sure that you have a DigiD account. An increasing number of matters in the Netherlands can only be arranged by using a DigiD account and you may only apply for this online if you are registered with a Dutch municipality. You can read more about this on in the section entitled ‘I will shortly be moving abroad’.

7. Check whether your State Pension (AOW) and Survivors’ Benefits (ANW) insurance will remain valid

If Radboud University is your only employer when you move abroad, you will usually remain insured for the state pension and survivors’ benefits. The advice given by Global Staff Services, which will be based on the completed assessment form, will reflect whether or not your personal situation dictates that the accrual will continue (see above).

Should it turn out that your situation does dictate that the insurance will lapse, you will still be able to take out voluntary insurance. This can be done up to one year after you have moved to another country. You can find more information about the state pension on and more information about survivors’ benefits on

8. Update your address in BASS

You can update your address in BASS. For this purpose, click on ‘Update personal details’.

9.  Deregister from your municipality’s population register

Please note that you will need to deregister within five days of your departure; this period includes holidays and weekends, which won’t leave you much time. You will receive a certificate of deregistration from your municipality.