Foreign Residency Notification Form

Prior to your departure always fill in the Foreign Residency Notification Form. Global Staff Services will then assess whether you can continue to be insured under the Dutch social security system, or whether you will need to take out insurance in the country where you will be staying. The assessment will then be relayed to the HR officer from your faculty or institute so that they can process it.

Reporting stay abroad

* Mandatory field

Fill in this form, with assistance from a HR officer if necessary, if you are a Radboud University employee and are going abroad. Based on the information you provided, the legal advisors from Global Staff Services will provide an advice as to what arrangements you need to make.

How long are you going abroad?
Which faculty is sending you on secondment?
Do you have written permission from your manager for your stay abroad?

The situation during the stay abroad

The following questions concern the situation during the period that you are working abroad. These details are important to determine which labour law is applicable.

The planned stay abroad is in the capacity of
What work will you mainly be doing while seconded abroad for Radboud University?
Will travel and accommodation expenses for this secondment be reimbursed (in part) by the RU or through another (scholarship) provider?
If you have a partner and/or children, will they be accompanying you during the your secondment period abroad?

Work for any other employers

Are you being posted with Radboud University as an employer to an organisation in another EEA country?

If you are offered an employment contract with an organisation in another EEA country through Radboud University, we are required to register you as a posted worker in the country concern, in accordance with the WGE.

Are you employed by another employer alongside your appointment with Radboud University?
In what capacity do you perform this work?

Situation before and after stay abroad

The following questions concern the situation before you are seconded abroad for work. The intention is to assess where you have your social centre, and to conclude from that where you are liable to pay tax.

Are you applying the 30% tax rule before you leave?
Will you be performing your work abroad for more than 25% of your total working hours during the secondment?

If the appraisal shows that a foreign tax treaty applies to your situation, this may have consequences for your 30% rule. This will be mentioned in the report you receive based on the data given here, and will be carried out by the personnel officer.

I authorise the sharing of my details with my personnel officer so that they are informed of this change in my status.

Note: It is important to ensure in advance that you have good travel insurance, that it covers your stay abroad and that you submit a travel application in BASS. Check whether you need anything else in terms of visas or vaccinations and check carefully what the COVID measures are in the country concerned.

Final declaration

I authorise the sharing of my data with my personnel officer
I am aware that Radboud University cannot be held liable for any consequences that arise from the inaccuracy and/or incompleteness of the data I have provided
I declare that the above questions have been answered truthfully. I will inform my personnel officer of any changes in the above details as soon as possible

Based on the data provided here, the Global Staff Services employment lawyers will issue a recommendation on what you need to arrange and whether there are any consequences for your legal or tax situation.

If tax or social security contributions have to be paid in a country other than the Netherlands, Global Staff Services will examine whether this is possible and (if so) arrange this with the country concerned. The actual payment will be handled by the Salary Administration. Under these circumstances, the personnel officer is always informed.