Campus Psychologist

Are you experiencing a lot of work-related stress and tension? Or do you regularly feel anxious or depressed and does this limit your ability to function? Our campus psychologists can help you with private and/or work-related problems leading to work-related health issues.

Request an intake

Do you suffer from these or similar complaints? Don't keep walking around with it and request an intake. Based on the intake, further treatment will be determined. At the moment it is busy with applications, so there is a waiting list. Therefore it may take a little longer before an intake can be scheduled.

campuspsycholoog [at] (request intake)

Information consultations

  • Open to all employees;
  • You are entitled to a maximum of 10 consultations;
  • Consultations are on campus or online in consultation;
  • There is no charge;
  • Consultations are confidential.

Please note: if you are a PhD candidate with a contract at Radboud university medical center, please contact the Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Service (AMD).

Our campus psychologists

foto campuspsycholoog Anoeshka

Anoeshka Soedamah
"I was trained as an occupational and organisational psychologist and for many years I worked at an occupational psychology agency, working on sustainable employability. I still do this work as a freelancer for a few hours a week. I have also worked for an occupational health and safety service, which is very helpful if you have already been reported ill. In addition to my work as a psychologist, I am also freelance; I teach Applied Psychology students about three times a month and I evaluate research proposals for theses."

Foto campuspsycholoog Noud de Rooij

Noud de Rooij
"I have been a campus psychologist since March 2023. Graduated from Radboud University where I obtained a bachelor's degree in Occupational and Organisational Psychology and a master's degree in Behavioural Change. I have extensive experience in short-term treatment of people with persistent/chronic pain and/or fatigue complaints. This always through a holistic approach in which body and environmental influences are always taken into account. I have also worked as a job coach, aimed at people who for various reasons got stuck in their working lives".

Petra Schneijdenberg, campuspsycholoog

Petra Schneijdenberg

"I am an Occupational and Organisational Psychologist and started working as a campus psychologist since November 2023. In the first years of my career, I worked in the business world and gained experience in supervising development, improvement and absenteeism processes. I then decided to go back to my roots as an A&O psychologist. During these coaching processes, the focus was on preventing absenteeism and supporting reintegration processes. The main themes in these were stress, burn-out and vitality".