Complaints Committee

If you have experienced undesirable behaviour, you can file a complaint with the Executive Board. You can only submit a complaint if the undesirable behaviour transpired under circumstances directly related to the performance of your work or studies. This may include university-organised activities (on or off campus), such as conferences, meetings or a team excursion off campus. The complaint must be submitted in writing. The complaint must state at least who you are, who the perpetrator is, and what the undesirable behaviour you have experienced constitutes. You must also outline the steps you have already taken. If you have written proof of this, enclose it with the complaint. The confidential advisor can help you with this.

You can submit a complaint up to 2 years after the undesirable behaviour took place, unless it concerns a complaint about sexual harassment. In such cases, more time may have passed. In other situations, the Complaints Committee may decide to still handle a complaint after the 2-year period. The complaints procedure always takes place behind closed doors. Within eight weeks of receiving the complaint, the Complaints Committee must have completed its investigation and issued its advice to the Executive Board. The Executive Board then makes its decision within two weeks. The Executive Board (or one of its members) will explain its decision to the complainant and the accused in an individual face-to-face meeting.

Submit complaint directly to committee

If the undesirable behaviour is really serious or if all your attempts or those of the confidential advisor have not led to the desired result, you can file a complaint with the Executive Board (Postbus 9102, 6500 HC Nijmegen). The Executive Board will forward the complaint to the Complaints Committee for Undesirable Behaviour.

Alternatively, you can submit a complaint directly to the Complaints Committee for Undesirable Behaviour:

t.a.v. Klachtencommissie Radboud Universiteit
Jacob Catsplein 1
8913 CS  Leeuwarden

Stating “personal and confidential” on the envelope. You can also submit your complaint via email (klachtencommissie [at] The Complaints Committee is a completely external committee, whose members are experts in the field of undesirable behaviour.