Knowledge security

It is important to ask yourself whether your work might involve knowledge security issues. As an employee, you are not alone in answering this question. Do you have questions about knowledge security or need advice?

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What is knowledge security?

Knowledge security is taking interventions to protect your knowledge from, among other things:

  • unwanted transfer of sensitive knowledge and technology
  • covert influence of education and research by other states
  • ethical issues that may come into play when cooperating with countries that do not respect fundamental rights

There are many areas related to knowledge security. For example, you may have to deal with it when you enter into a collaboration, conduct research or hire someone.

Request advice

If you have any questions about knowledge security, you can contact the Knowledge Security Advisory Team. This team consists of specialists with relevant expertise in the field of (knowledge) security. The team provides advice, ensures coordination with other parts of the security policy, involves experts from other disciplines when necessary and identifies risks and opportunities for international collaborations in research and education.


Questions? you can reach the team via kennisveiligheid [at] (kennisveiligheid[at]ru[dot]nl).