Occupational health support worker

The occupational health support worker (MOB) plays a role in absence counselling for employees. A MOB always works together - with their role being delegated - with an occupational health physician. This means the MOB can always consult with the occupational health physician who remains ultimately responsible. 


After registering for absence counselling on your own or if your supervisor registers you, the intake with the MOB will take place. During this intake interview, which will take around 45 minutes, the MOB will ask questions about your symptoms/health, your work and your home situation. Together, you will look at what the opportunities are in your work in relation to your health. This interview is obviously confidential. The MOB will then make an initial assessment and opinion on employability in relation to the work. They will then report this back to you, your supervisor and your HR officer.


If you are absent for a longer period of time, the occupational health physician will prepare a problem analysis. This is necessary for the procedure set out in the Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act. The occupational health physician will then also assess whether and when follow-up counselling can be delegated to the occupational health support worker, and they will arrange this with you. In connection with the Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act, evaluation moments will also in any event take place with the occupational health officer at 11 months and 21 months.

Our priority at all times is making sure that people receive the most appropriate guidance and that a staff member always has the right to see an occupational health physician. 

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