Occupational Social Worker

If there are circumstances that affect your functioning at work, contact a occupational social worker. The occupational social worker will help you how to deal with these circumstances. A conversation with a occupational social worker is always confidential and independent and there is no charge.

Issues you can think about

You can think of different issues, such as: stress at work due to a (too) high workload; a difference of opinion with your manager or colleague that you cannot solve together. Or are you missing the right work-life balance? Or are you dealing with stress due to a difficult private situation? Then seek help; you can make an appointment on your own initiative. Often, after a few conversations, you will manage to get a better grip on your situation and regain your balance. If necessary, occupational social workers can advise you on other assistance options and help with referrals.

Don't wait until you are stuck or really ill, but seek advice in good time. Even if you return to work after a period of absence, the occupational social worker will work with you to see how you can return to work in a healthy and pleasant way. 

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