Help and support

What to do when you run into something:

  • Career coaching

    Are you feeling stuck in your job, lacking challenges, experiencing excessive work pressure, or are you noticing that your health is suffering due to work-related issues? You can request an advisory consultation with one of our coaches.

  • Company Doctor

    Are you sick or do you sense you are at risk of getting sick? Then please contact our company doctor.

  • Campus Psychologist

    Are you experiencing a lot of work-related stress and tension? Or do you regularly feel anxious or depressed and does this limit your ability to function? Our campus psychologist can help.

  • Disputes Committee

    Do you disagree with a decision of the dean or director? Please discuss this with your immediate supervisor. Are you unable to work out your differences together? You may submit an appeal to the Executive Board.

  • Gesprek met een HR-medewerker

    Heb je een probleem en behoefte aan een gesprek met een onafhankelijk persoon? Dan kun je met de hr-medewerker of de HR adviseur van je eigen faculteit of divisie praten in een vertrouwelijke omgeving.

  • Complaints Committee

    If you have experienced undesirable behaviour, you can file a complaint with the Executive Board.

  • Supervisor

    Your supervisor is usually your first point of contact when encountering problems. This person can usually help you find a workable solution.

  • Confidential Adviser

    Staff members who feel unsafe while they are working, or have been involved in a dispute or have been exposed to undesirable behaviour, or who are concerned about scientific integrity can contact a confidential adviser.

  • Ombudsofficer Staff

    Do you have a question, report or complaint about the conduct of other employees or organisational units? Please contact the ombudsofficer.

  • Vraag voor de vakbondsfunctionaris

    Als je lid bent van de FNV kun je bij onze vakbondsfunctionaris terecht met vragen en problemen over je baan, rechtspositie of cao. Ook geeft deze persoon advies als je op zoek bent naar persoonlijke ontplooiingsmogelijkheden.

  • Occupational Social Worker

    The occupational social worker supports you with workload-related changes or when you are going through difficult personal circumstances impacting your performance.

  • Unemployment and unemployment benefits

    If you become unemployed due to dismissal or termination of temporary employment by operation of law, you may be entitled to benefits based on the Unemployment Insurance Act.

  • WetenschapVeilig: What should you do when faced with online intimidation?

    What to do if you are intimidated or threatened as a scientist.