Retrieving literature

The most common way to retrieve literature is to use RUQuest, the University Library’s search system. You will need to have an activated account in order to make a request. Find out more about requesting and activating a library card.

If you want to retrieve an article from an e-journal or e-book, you can search for an article or e-book in RUQuest. Once you have found it, you can access your item immediately. If you want to retrieve a printed book or article, you can search for a book or journal in RUQuest and then request it. Books may be borrowed and articles may be viewed or copied. If the book or article is available and you have requested it before 4.00 PM, you can collect it the same day. You will receive an email when the item is ready to be collected.

You may retrieve publications from the open stacks yourself. You can use the library floor plan in RUQuest and the call number to find out exactly where books and journals are located.

Search in RUQuest

If you require more assistance with browsing literature, use the RUQuest Manual.

Via another search system

  • If you have already found the literature in another search system, such as PubMed, Google Scholar or Web of Science, you can also request it there. You can immediately access articles in e-journals or e-books. If you require a printed book or article, you will be redirected to RUQuest, where you can request your item.
  • Are you using the e-journals platform Browzine or browser extension Lean Library? Be sure to select Radboud University to access articles directly.

Requests for publications from external libraries

If an item is not available from the University Library, you can request it via an Interlibrary Loan (ILL). In some cases, this will involve additional costs. 


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