Publishing with Radboud University Press

Radboud University Press enables you to publish your academic work free of charge in the form of academic journals, books, and educational materials. Collaboration with existing publications is also possible. 

Advantages of publishing with Radboud University Press include: 

  • You retain all copyrights
  • You do not have to pay production or online publication fees
  • Your publication will be made available to anyone, anywhere, without barriers

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Types of publications

Radboud University Press offers numerous publication avenues, such as scientific journals, books, and educational materials. 

Books and educational materials

Do you have an idea for a scientific book, educational materials, or another type of publication? Have you only just started writing your manuscript or has it already been finalised? 

Roadmap for publishing books or educational materials


Do you want to migrate a currently existing academic journal to Radboud University Press? Or are you planning on launching an entirely new journal?  

Roadmap for publishing a journal


All of our content is published under the terms of Creative Commons licences, which ensures that copyright remains with authors and editors. If you publish with us, you retain ownership . of your work. Our recommended license, CC-BY, allows readers to copy, redistribute, remix, and build upon the publications, as long as a clear attribution to the source and author(s) are given.

Publishing your dissertation

You can also publish your dissertation with Radboud University Press. 

Publish your dissertation


Do you have any questions about the dissertation publishing process of Radboud University Press?