Publish your dissertation with Radboud University Press

PhD candidates pursuing their doctorates at Radboud University have the opportunity to publish their dissertations with Radboud University Press as part of the Radboud Dissertation Series. The individual dissertations will gain visibility within their specific field of study through indexing, and they will be made available both in print and as a digital Open Access publication. After your PhD defence, Radboud University Press will take care of the financial settlement with the faculties, so you won’t have to pay any advances or need a receipt from the Radboud Repository.

Roadmap for publishing dissertations

Please note: you can choose to publish with Radboud University Press if you are a Radboud University PhD candidate, unless your PhD track is part of the Behavioural Science Institute or the Max Planck Institute. These research institutes have their own dissertation series that you need to apply to instead. 

Online visibility 

Your dissertation will receive a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to ensure maximum visibility and discoverability. 

Number of copies

With a view to sustainability, Radboud University Press will print no more than 80 copies of your dissertation. If you would like us to print additional copies, you will have to cover the costs yourself. 

Summary booklets for friends and family

Radboud University Press will also take care of the design and printing of concise summary booklets for friends, family, and acquaintances. This edition of your thesis contains a summary of your work, the acknowledgements, and a QR-code linking to the full, digital version of your dissertation. 

The maximum number of summary booklets that Radboud University will print is set at 135 copies.

Print-on-demand service 

Our print on demand service gives you the opportunity to purchase additional copies of your dissertation long after your PhD defence. 

Financial settlements

After the promotion, RUP will take care of the financial settlement with the faculties, so you won’t have to make any advance payments or need a receipt from the Radboud Repository.

Informational flyer dissertation publishing


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