You may receive an allowance in addition to your standard salary. Allowances are granted for various reasons, such as working unconventional hours, substituting for a colleague and in reward for exceptional work. Whether an allowance is included in your pension or benefits calculation depends on the situation. 

Allowance types

Performance allowance

This type of allowance is granted for outstanding work performance and is generally paid out over the course of one year.

Market allowance

You may be offered a market allowance if the university is keen to retain your services (e.g. if there is a shortage in the organisation of the qualities you possess).

Substitution allowance

A substitution allowance may be offered if you fill a higher-ranking position for 30 days or more. 

Allowance for unconventional working hours, overtime and stand-by work

An allowance may be awarded for unconventional working hours, overtime hours and stand-by duty for academic staff members with a salary scale under 11. 

-  Allowance for unconventional working hours

Monday - Friday between 00.00 hoursand 07.00 AM 40%
Monday - Friday between 08.00 PM and 00.00 hours 40%
Saturday   40%
Sundays and holidays   75%

The allowance is calculated based on the maximum hourly wage for scale 7 employment.

-    Allowance for on-call and stand-by work
The allowance for on-call work (outside standard working hours) is 10% of the hourly wage per full hour and is calculated based on the maximum hourly wage for scale 3 employment. The allowance will be increased by 25% of the hourly wage if it involves the obligation to be physically present for a stand-by shift. When performing work during such a shift, you will also receive overtime pay for the hours worked. 

-    Allowance for overtime work
The compensation for overtime work may consist of free time equal to the duration of the overtime, plus a percentage of the hourly wage:

Monday - Friday between 07.00 AM and 06.00 PM 25%
Monday - Friday before 07.00 AM and after 06.00 PM 50%
Saturday between 00.00 hours and 04.00 PM 50%
Saturday after 04.00 PM 100%
Sundays and holidays   100%

No compensation will be given for less than half an hour of overtime. If the organisation is unable to compensate the overtime in hours, financial compensation may also be offered. In this case, the aforementioned percentages will be increased by 100%.

Overtime on a collective day off

If you are asked to work on a collective day off, you can compensate these hours worked at a different time. You will also receive overtime pay for the hours worked. 

More information

For more information, please contact your HR officer. Look for your HR officer on the contact page.