Selection model

The Selection Model allows you to use some of your employment conditions flexibly. In some cases, this may well result in tax benefits. For example, you can exchange income (or taxed income) for a reimbursement (or a tax-free reimbursement) for the costs that you have incurred. The choices that you make may affect the calculation of salary-related benefits. The Selection Model is an extension of your employment conditions. On this page you will find everything you need to know about the Selection Model.

All Radboud University staff members may take part in the Selection Model. However, student assistants, staff members who work on a reimbursement basis, interns and holiday workers are not permitted to participate in the Selection Model. Staff members are not obliged to take part in the Selection Model.

  • Selection Model deadlines

    Your Selection Model choices must be submitted on time. If they are submitted after the given deadline, you will not be reimbursed and you will also not be able to exchange your sources.

  • Implications of the Selection Model

    The exchange choices that you make in the Selection Model may affect the calculation of social security payments.

  • Customising the Selection Model

    You can customise the Selection Model yourself in BASS. When customising the Selection Model, you will need to take several deadlines into consideration.

  • The Selection Model: sources and goals

    The Selection Model can be used for exchanging your salary, holiday hours, holiday allowance or end-of-year bonus for a reimbursement or for buying or selling your holiday hours.