Implications of the Selection Model

You are responsible for the implications of the choice(s) that you make. Radboud University cannot be held accountable for any adverse implications. Once you have made a definitive choice, it can no longer be changed. This means that you will need to check your requests thoroughly.

Social security payments

The choices that you make may affect the calculation of the following salary-related benefits: 

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Housing benefits
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Childcare benefits

These calculations may be affected due to a reduction in your salary if you choose to exchange your salary, holiday allowance or year-end bonus, for example, for holidays or an internet allowance. 

No consequences

The choices that you make will not affect the amount of holiday days you are given or your end-of-year bonus, and will also not affect your pension accrual.


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