Try an e-bike for free

Find out for yourself how great it is to cycle to work on an electric bike. An e-bike or speedbike gives you a boost when cycling into headwinds, over long distances and up hills. Cycling to work keeps you fit, you arrive refreshed and relaxed and it’s good for your wallet. Plus, cycling is a sustainable way to get to work!

As a Radboud University employee, you can try out an e-bike or a speedbike free of charge for two weeks. During this period, we ask that you cycle from home to Heijendaal at least two days a week, and that you share your experiences after the trial period by completing a short questionnaire.

You can apply to take part in this trial period up to three months in advance. If the period you applied for is full, please try again later; new dates are being added all the time!

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Bikes for hire

Different types and sizes are available. You can choose from the models below. Click on the model for more information and specifications.

The Urban-I 3 bicycle helmet is available for 50% of the recommended retail price (also for people not participating in the trial period).


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  • N. Hooghof (Nathan)