Cleaning services

The rooms on campus are cleaned with the following regularity:

  • Lecture halls: every day
  • Toilets and showers: every day
  • Offices: twice a week on either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday
  • Windows; both inside and outside: twice a year

The cleaning staff will ensure that floors and horizontal surfaces, such as desktops, are free of dust, stains and dirt and fingerprints.  The cleaning staff may not move any items, so make sure that desks are as uncluttered as possible. They will not clean any computer equipment.

Cleaning incidents

If you come across anything in a building on campus that requires cleaning, you can report it. The matter will then be attended to. There are no additional costs involved. Examples of such incidents or situations that may require cleaning are: 

  • Coffee stains on the carpet 
  • Vermin or pests, such as mice or bugs
  • Dirty toilets


If the incident or situation requires urgent attention, you can also call +31 24 363 33 33. Urgent incidents or situations may include a wet floor in the corridor or a supply of toilet paper that has run out.

Extra cleaning services 

If the standard level of cleaning is not enough, you may request an extra cleaning service. This may be necessary, for example, if an office requires extra cleaning due to relocation or after a holiday period. Additional cleaning costs will be charged to the department.  

Your request will be dealt with within one workday. You will also receive confirmation of this by email.


Need help? Contact the Service Centre:

+31 24 363 33 33

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