Interior plants

Plants and greenery contribute to a pleasant working and study environment. The interior planting in the campus buildings will be provided by Donker Interieur; the supplier with whom Radboud University signed an agreement in July 2022.

Would you like to decorate the working environment of your department or faculty attractively with more plants? Donker Interieur advises on the different types of plants suitable for the environment in question. An advisor will come on site to see what the conditions are like in the various rooms. Does the plant end up in a bright room or is it meant to brighten up a dark corner? Is there a draught because of a door that is constantly open or is it a warm room? These kinds of environmental factors have impact and help determine whether a plant will grow well or not so well.


  • All interior planting is supplied and taken care of by Donker Interieur. Employees are not permitted to bring their own plants to the office. Not only is there no guarantee of proper care due to the flexible presence of employees, but the quality of your own plant is not guaranteed either. Fungi possibly present can cause respiratory and eye complaints and contaminate Donker Interieur's planting. 
  • A request for interior planting always concerns plants for a department, floor or building. A request for one plant on a specific desk will not be considered.
  • Managers, heads of a department and building managers are authorised to apply; only they can make a request for interior planting. As an employee, would you like more plants in the working environment? Discuss it with your manager.
  • The applicant is responsible for the cost of interior planting, care and maintenance.

Purchase and maintenance

After the consultant's visit, the applicant receives a quotation with a plan for interior planting and maintenance after delivery. This is a full service package, users do not have to worry about it.


A request for interior planting can be sent via e-mail to the Service Centre.

The following information is required to process the request.

  • Name, e-mail address and telephone number of the applicant.
  • Cost centre.
  • Indication of the available budget.


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