Housing rates

Housing rates

Radboud University's real estate is financed according to the User-Owner-Model, also Gebruiker-Eigenaar-Model (GEM) in Dutch:

  • the Executive Board is owner and lessor and client for the building projects in the investment plan
  • the faculties, services and businesses are users and tenants
  • the Universitair Vastgoed Bedrijf (UVB) is the contractor

Housing rates are set annually - on the advice of Campus & Facilities - by the Executive Board.

Integral rate

Besides the fixed costs (depreciation, interest and statutory charges), the rates also include the maintenance costs (maintenance of buildings, greenery, roads and campus area) and service costs (energy, cleaning, data and security). This is the integral rate for housing costs.


The housing invoice is based on actual consumption for faculties, services and companies. Adjustment is possible every four months. This allows users to rent or dispose of additional space in the interim.

Housing Rates 2022

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Demarcation list

In accordance with the GEM, a demarcation list has been drawn up defining which costs are for the owner and which are for the user. Contact the Service Centre for the English version of this document. 

Demarcatielijst 2010


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