Moving on campus

If your team or department is planning to move on campus, Campus & Facilities can help you to complete the moving process. 

Moving notification

The ‘Moving Application Form’ can be used to notify Campus & Facilities about your move. Notification of a small move (which involves no more than 25 workspaces) must be given no later than two weeks before the move. Notification of a large move must be given no later than three months before the move.

When you fill in your application form, you will also need to provide a complete ICT removal list, which specifies which ICT resources will need to be moved.

Process and execution

Once you have filled in the form, you will be contacted by a Move Coordinator from Campus & Facilities. In consultation with the department, all of the workspaces (including the furniture), PCs and other ICT equipment will be moved. The Move Coordinator will guide you through this process and will take care of practical matters such as cable management, network management, and connectivity, and the transport and movers.

You will be responsible for packing other ‘loose’ items, such as personal belongings, office supplies, and archive material. For this purpose, you can rent moving boxes from Campus & Facilities. 


The execution and supervision of the relocation process are subject to costs. A cost overview will be made in collaboration with the Move Coordinator. The table below includes the costs for each item or service.

Moves that cost more than € 5,000.00 (not including VAT) will be subject to a standard assistance fee of 10%. When it comes to project relocations that cost €100,000.00 or more, a separate price agreement will be made.

Service Price in euros
Moving crate (per day, per item) 1.00
Roll container (per day, per item) 2.00
Computer moving box (per day, per item) 1.00
Moving dolly (per day, per item) 1.00
Moving box (price is per item: designed for circular use, which means that the box does not become your property) 2.50
Stickers (1,600 stickers per pack) 15.00
Mover, hourly rate 58.50
Transport trolley, hourly rate 29.15

Campus & Facilities Service Centre

If you have any questions or comments or you would like to lodge a complaint, please contact the Service Centre:

+31 24 363 33 33

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