Booking a room

If you require a location for a meeting or a gathering, you can book a room. You can book a room in your department through Outlook. This will not involve any costs.

Room outside department

You can book a room outside of your department through the self-service system. Bookings can be made up to two workdays in advance. Booking rooms on campus may occasionally involve additional costs. These costs are listed in the self-service system.

Book room

Once you have made your booking it will be reviewed. You will receive an email confirmation when your booking has been accepted; you will be able to see that your booking has been accepted in the self-service system when the status of your request has been updated to ‘Booked’.

If you make your booking less than two workdays in advance, you will need to contact reserveringsbureau-cf [at]

The Auditorium

You can book the Auditorium (De Aula in Dutch) by contacting the location itself. Find out more about Booking the Auditorium and the Associated Costs.



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