Booking a room

If you require a location for a meeting or a gathering, you can book a room. You can book a room in your department through Outlook. This will not involve any costs.

Room outside department

You can book a room outside of your department through the self-service system. Bookings can be made up to two workdays in advance. Booking rooms on campus may occasionally involve additional costs. These costs are listed in the self-service system.

Book room

Once you have made your booking it will be reviewed. You will receive an email confirmation when your booking has been accepted; you will be able to see that your booking has been accepted in the self-service system when the status of your request has been updated to ‘Booked’.

If you make your booking less than two workdays in advance, you will need to contact reserveringsbureau-cf [at]

Reserving classrooms

Classrooms are located across campus and are normally reserved by faculty schedulers. If you wish to reserve a room outside the regular teaching schedule, you can do so through the link below.

Reserve classrooms

The Aula

To reserve rooms in the Aula for conferences and other meetings, please contact the Auditorium Registrar's Office directly.

Theater Hall C

Theaterzaal C is a professionally equipped theater in the Elinor Ostrom Building at Radboud University. Read more about the facilities and reservation of Theaterzaal C here

Reserving a restaurant or café space

Would you like to reserve a restaurant or café space such as the CultuurCafé or sports bar The Yard for things like a reception? Then contact the reservations office at reserveringsbureau-cf [at]



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