Booking a room

If you require a location for a meeting or a gathering, you can book a room. You can book a room in your department through  via Outlook or, as is the case for some departments, via the self-service system. This will not involve any costs.

Room outside department

You can book a room outside of your department through the self-service system. Bookings can be made up to two workdays in advance. Booking rooms on campus may occasionally involve additional costs. These costs are listed in the self-service system.

Book room

If you reserve a representative room, your reservation will be reviewed first. You will receive an email confirmation when your booking has been accepted; you will be able to see that your booking has been accepted in the self-service system when the status of your request has been updated to ‘Booked’.

Need a space in a hospitality venue, Huize Heyendaal, Soeterbeeck or the 20th floor of the Erasmus Building within 2 days? Then contact reserveringsbureau-cf [at] (reserveringsbureau-cf[at]ru[dot]nl).

Reserving classrooms

Classrooms are located across campus and are normally reserved by faculty schedulers. If you wish to reserve a room outside the regular teaching schedule, you can do so through the links below.

Do you have questions about booking teaching spaces? If so, please contact zaalreservering-cf [at]
Do you want acces to the reservation system? Send an e-mail to roosterhelpdesk [at] (roosterhelpdesk[at]ru[dot]nl)

Reserve classrooms

The Aula

To reserve rooms in the Aula for conferences and other meetings, please contact the Auditorium Registrar's Office directly.

Theater Hall C

Theaterzaal C is a professionally equipped theater in the Elinor Ostrom Building at Radboud University. Read more about the facilities and reservation of Theaterzaal C here

Reserving a restaurant or café space

Would you like to reserve a restaurant or café space such as the CultuurCafé or sports bar The Yard for things like a reception? Then contact the reservations office at reserveringsbureau-cf [at] (reserveringsbureau-cf[at]ru[dot]nl).



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