Advertising via a media agency

You can get someone else to carry out a campaign for you. If you wish to hire a media agency, you will be required to work with Total Design. This regulation applies to all types of campaigns: 

  • Print campaigns, such as those in newspaper and magazine advertisements
  • Radio campaigns
  • Television campaigns
  • Online campaigns, including website banners and advertisements on Google and social media
  • Outdoor campaigns, including posters that are displayed in bus shelters and at stations

Think about which message you want to communicate, which audience you wish to reach and how large your budget is. Total Design will advise you on which media is best suited to your campaign. For more information, please contact martijn [at] (martijn[at]totaldesign[dot]com).   


You can request a quotation from martijn [at] (martijn[at]totaldesign[dot]com).Quotations for €1000 euro or less will only require a cost centre number. Quotations over €1000 euro will need to be processed via iProcurement. Find out more about iProcurement.


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