Making your own newsletter

You can make your own newsletter or other types of emails that have been created in Radboud University’s house style. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Interspire email software can be used for this purpose.


If you wish to make your own newsletter or other types of emails, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM should preferably be used for this purpose. Use of the CRM and its subsequent support is free of charge. However, someone from your department will need to be given time to manage the CRM.

The CRM will ensure that:

  • Your message complies with privacy legislation.
  • You have insight into which additional emails have been sent or will be sent to your contacts. This will ensure that your contacts will not be inundated with emails.
  • You find out more about your contacts and ensure that the emails that you do send are appropriate.

The CRM also contains a module that supports event organisation. This module organises everything from sending the ‘save the date’ announcement, the invitation and the reminder to managing the registration and the payment.


The use of the CRM and support is free. However, someone in your department must be given time to manage the CRM.


A CRM administrator provides a 60-minute digital tour of the CRM upon request. Request a free demo via crm [at]


It takes two to six months before you can be connected to the CRM and you are able to take advantage of the system’s functionality. This time frame will largely be determined by your requirements. You may request an informal consultation and a free one-hour digital tour from crm [at]

Email software

If you wish to send a one-off email or send an email at short notice, you can use the Interspire email software. You will consequently need to make sure that you comply with the guidelines for newsletters and privacy.


The use of our email software is free.


To register for access to our email software, please contact the webmaster at your faculty or in your department.


Need help? You can contact:

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