Web statistics

Radboud University's web statistics are measured using Google Analytics. Central management of web statistics lies with Online Strategy & Support.

Request a report

Do you want a single report containing web statistics of your website? Then you can contact your central webmaster. If you don't have one please contact onlinemarketing [at] ru.nl ().

If you regularly want to receive the same information to compare statistics over a long period of time, you can request an automated periodic report. 

If you structurally want to work with statistical analysis, you can request access to the Google Analytics account of your website.

Request an account

To access web statistics of a Radboud University website you can submit a request to  your central webmaster. If you don't have one please contact Online Strategy & Support (onlinemarketing [at] ru.nl ()) and provide us with the email address you want to use to access your account.

Account terms

Account access can only be obtained using a @ru.nl email address. This can be a personal email address (initial.lastname [at] ru.nl) or a group / department address (for example, department [at] ru.nl) that allows you and your colleagues to login in the same account. It is not allowed to use a private email address, such as a Gmail or Hotmail address.

Creating a Google Account without Gmail

Fill in this form to create a Google Account with your @ru.nl mail address, without simultaneously creating a Gmail Account.

Create a Google Account

You can then use Google services by signing in with your @ru.nl mail address and the chosen password. 


UTM Campaign tracking manual.pdf

Instructions for setting up UTM parameters (campaign codes) for measuring the results of online campaigns in Google Analytics.


Excel tool that helps you create links with UTM campaign codes, so visits via these links can be measured in Google Analytics.