Radboud University icons are minimalistic with clean lines. The style of the icons is ‘flat design’ with outlines; the icons are not flood-filled. For icons that are approximately 2 cm high, the line width is 2 pt. For icons that are approximately 4 cm, the line width is 4 pt, and so on.

Basic colour: Maroon

  • HEX code: #730e04
  • CMYK colour model: 20 | 100 | 80 | 50

Accent: Red Impact

  • HEX code: #e3000b 
  • CMYK colour model: 0 | 100 | 100 | 0
Icons Corporate Identity Radboud University

Creating icons

You can search for icons via Flaticon and adapt them to the university’s house style. You can also design your own icons by using a programme such as Adobe Illustrator. When designing your icons, you should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • When it comes to the size and colour of your icon and your use of lines, be consistent.
  • Illustrate what you want to say or use a metaphor.
  • Avoid using clichés. 


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