Icons & illustrations

Text and pictures are not always enough to convey a message. In that case, you can use icons and illustrations.

Iconen in de huisstijl van de Radboud Universiteit


Radboud University icons are minimalist and composed of lines. We do not use tessellation. The icons consist of the house style colours Maroon and Red Impact. Maroon is the basic colour and Red Impact the accent colour. Do you use an icon on a coloured background? Then make the icon completely white or use a contrasting colour from the red range.

Adding icons

A basic set is available. All icons are in the Radboud University image bank. You can also download the basic set.

Download basic set

Is your desired icon not among them? Then you can:

  • Search icons on Flaticon. These can be adapted to your house style. Contact communicatie [at] ru.nl for more information.
  • Design your own icons, for example with Adobe Illustrator. Keep to the following guidelines:
    • Stay consistent in format, detailing and use of colour and lines.
    • Use the following line widths: for a 2cm icon, the line width is 1pt, for a 4cm icon, the line width is 2pt, etcetera.


There are a number of guidelines for illustrations:

  • Use the colour palette from the house style
  • Use the typography from the house style
  • Match the form and message to the target group.

There are no further house style guidelines for the form of illustrations. It strongly depends on the target group you want to reach. As a starting point, you can use the illustration style of the icons.

Een illustratie van de campus van de Radboud Universiteit
Voorbeelden van illustraties van de Radboud Universiteit


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