Radboud University’s logo consists of a text logo and a coat of arms. Ordinarily, the coat of arms may not be used separately from the text logo. 

When it comes to the logo, the following guidelines should be used:

  • The weapon should be to the right of the text logo.
  • The coat of arms and the text logo have a fixed relationship to each other.
  • The logo should be placed in the bottom right corner, except when it is used on a website.
  • When a logo is used on a website, it should be placed in the top left corner.

Sometimes it is not possible to use the entire logo. If you require a file that only contains the coat of arms, please contact communicatie [at] ru.nl.

Other logos

There are a number of other logos that are used for special occasions or specific target groups.

Commemorative logo 

In 2023, Radboud University will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. This logo can be used for anything that relates to the anniversary, the history of the university or when it is relevant to refer to the university’s 100th anniversary. View the commemorative logo.

Double logo for Radboud University and Radboud university medical center

When communications are issued on behalf of both Radboud University and Radboud university medical center, the double logo should be used. The double logo may only be used in the colours shown below. View the double logo.

Logo for international target groups

Some international target groups are not entirely familiar with Radboud University. In such cases, the international logo may be used. This logo contains additional information that shows that Radboud University is located in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. View the international logo.

Co-productions or collaborations

Whenever Radboud University communicates with an external party, the university logo must be used. When the logo is used on printed materials, it must be at least 45 mm wide.

Developing your own logo 

We want the Radboud University to be easily recognisable, which is why people are essentially prohibited from developing their own logo. It is usually advisable to use the Radboud University logo, because it is often so recognisable. If you do require your own logo, please contact communicatie [at] ru.nl to discuss the options.  

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