Copyright images

If you use an image that was not created by Radboud University, you will need to obtain consent from the person who created the image. This applies to photographs, videos, illustrations, infographics and other types of images. Find out more about obtaining consent for photos and videos.

Please note that conditions occasionally apply to the use of photos and stock photos. If you have paid for a photo, it does not always mean that you can use it wherever you like:

  • You may occasionally need to pay to use a photo just once.
  • Sometimes photos may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • Some images may only be used if they are accompanied by the name of the photographer. It should be noted that the best course of action is to always mention the photographer’s name, even if this is not required.

Make sure that you abide by these rules, otherwise the photographer could land you with a substantial invoice.

Royalty-free images

Royalty-free images are images that can be used freely. Royalty-free images can be found in Radboud University’s image archive. Royalty-free images can also be created by:  

If you do hire an external photographer, film-maker, illustrator or designer to create an image, you will need to make clear agreements in advance about how and where the image can be used and how often you may use it. 


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