Organising an event yourself

 If you plan to organise an event yourself, you will usually need to fill in a request.

Request an event

Submit your request on time

Make sure that you submit your event request on time. You will also need to take the following minimum time frames into account:

  • 3 months: for any event that requires a permit, for example if you plan to use a public area or amplified sound for your event or if you are expecting a large number of visitors. 
  • 2 weeks: for any event that is held during working hours for which no more than 50 people are expected and for which you do not expect to cause any inconvenience outside the campus.
  • 6 weeks: for all other events.

Organising the safety aspects and permits

All events must meet the following safety requirements:

  • Emergency services routes must be kept clear.
  • Escape routes must be kept clear.
  • Buildings, grounds and vegetation must remain intact.

Permits and security will need to be taken into account for certain events. Examples of such events include events:

  • That attract a large number of visitors;
  • That are held in a public area;
  • Where amplified sound will be used;
  • That will be attended by special guests.

Once you have registered your event, you will know whether you will need to organise a permit and/or whether security will be needed.



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