Ordering, changing or cancelling catering

You can order your catering through the catering self-service system or by using the following the order form. You should place your catering order one workday in advance, before 12.00 pm.

Need help? For this purpose, you can use the following manual Ordering Catering.

Status order

Once you have placed your order, it will be reviewed within one to three days. You will receive an email confirmation when your order has been accepted; you will be able to see that your order has been accepted in the self-service system when the status of your request has been updated to ‘In preparation’.

Changing or cancelling catering

If you have ordered catering through the self-service system, you can either change or cancel your catering order. 

Change or cancel directly

You can change your other catering options by sending an email to reserveringsbureau-cf [at] ru.nl. You will need to include your order number in your email.


There are no standard costs for changing or cancelling a catering order. The costs will be calculated when the order is changed or cancelled.


Need help? You can contact:

(024) 362 66 66