Sharing a calendar

You can share your calendar with one or more colleagues; this will enable them to see when you are available so that they can make an appointment with you. For this purpose, you can use the manual Sharing a Calendar in Outlook.

When you share your calendar, you will ordinarily grant the other person default access rights. If you wish to make an exception for someone and you want to grant them extra rights, you will need to select a role for them at ‘Access level’.  In the same screen, the information in the ‘Permission level’ will tell you what this person will be able to do in this role. The role of ‘Editor’ (who is someone who can read the entries in your calendar and add entries to your calendar) is often only intended for secretarial office staff.


When sharing your calendar, make sure that you safeguard your own privacy and that of others:

  • Do not share your calendar with everyone.
  • You should never include confidential or personal information in your calendar. 
  • Use the default settings so that people can only see if you are available.  


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