Securing your hardware and data.

  • Sharing and storing files safely

    There are several locations where you can share and store your files safely. Your choice will depend on who you wish to share the files with and the degree of confidentiality of the information.

  • Encrypting files

    Encrypting a file is one way of making sure that this file will not be able to be accessed by everyone. The file will only be able to be viewed by those people who have access.

  • Protecting your computer

    When it comes to protecting your computer, good antivirus software is essential. If you work from home for long periods of time, you will also need to update your account each week.

  • Privacy and using personal information

    Any information that can be traced back to a person is personal data. If you use personal information, you must always follow the basic principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).