Protecting your computer

When it comes to protecting your computer, good antivirus software is essential. If you are working from home for long periods of time, you will also need to update your account each week. Surfspot allows you to download the F-secure antivirus program for your personal devices free of charge. For this purpose, you will need to log in with your RU number and password. 

Download antivirus software

Working from home

If you are working from home on an RU laptop, you will need to ‘retrieve the updates yourself’. Updates are automatically sent to laptops and desktops on campus if they are connected to intranet or a Wi-Fi network. To do this automatically, you will need to turn on your eduVPN connection for at least one hour each week in order to receive automatic updates. You will then need to restart your Radboud laptop. Your device will now have been updated.


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