Keep your workplace up to date

It is important that you install the latest updates and security updates on your laptop, computer, mobile phone, etc. This applies to both personal devices and Radboud University devices. Click here for more information.

Do you not visit the campus on a weekly basis?

If you work at home on a Radboud laptop, it is important to 'pick up' and/or install updates once a week. Turn on eduVPN and choose one of the two methods below. Also, don't forget to reboot your laptop once a week. Some updates will only work after you have rebooted.

Automatic update:

Turn on your eduVPN connection for at least two hours, the updates will then be updated automatically. After the hour, turn off your laptop so you can restart it the next time.

Update manually:

It is also possible to actively retrieve the updates for your Radboud laptop. The manual contains the steps to follow.

*Radboud-Mac: If you work on a Mac, the updates will be executed automatically.

Are you on campus every week?

Updates are performed automatically.

  • Fixed, ISC-managed, workstations are automatically provided with the latest updates.
  • Laptop, which are connected to the fixed network on campus also automatically retrieve the latest updates.

Are you working on your own device?

If you have not set up updates to be performed automatically it is important to check for updates to, for example, your security software or Windows. This will also keep your device up-to-date.

No anti-virus on your private laptop or PC yet. Via SURFspot you can make free use of F-secure.


Need help? You can contact the ICT Service Centre:

+31 24 362 22 22

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