Working off campus

How to work from home or another place.

  • Off-campus access to files

    If you need to access your files when you are off-campus, you can use the RU-Connect program.

  • Using eduVPN

    EduVPN offers a secure connection and remote access to all of Radboud University’s systems. Click here to find out how you can use eduVPN.

  • Problems with eduVPN

    Read what to do if you cannot connect to eduVPN.

  • Radboud-werkplek overnemen

    Lees hier hoe je je jouw Radboud-werkplek overneemt als je werkt vanaf een andere locatie.

  • Why should you use eduVPN?

    VPN provides secure internet access, especially when you are using a public internet connection. VPN also provides access to all of the university’s systems.