Problems with eduVPN

Sometimes eduVPN is unable to connect.

  1. Check first to see whether you have an internet connection. EduVPN cannot work without an internet connection.
  2. EduVPN may have stopped working. You can check to see if this is the case by visiting Radboud University’s technical fault page or SURF’s Twitter account.
  3. If your eduVPN has been on for 12 hours, the VPN connection will shut down automatically.

Sometimes it helps if you reconnect to eduVPN. For this purpose, you can try the following three fixes: 

  1. Close down eduVPN and then reopen it. You can exit eduVPN by clicking on the eduVPN icon with your right mouse button. Then select ‘Close’.
  2. Turn off your internet connection and then turn it back on again. 
  3. Restart your computer.

Weekly maintenance

SURF runs security updates on Monday nights. If you are having problems on a Monday night, wait a few minutes and then try to reconnect.


Need help? You can contact:

+31 24 362 22 22

Contact department