Hiring a student

You can hire a student to carry out work in your department or on your research project. A student will usually be able to start working for you quite quickly.

Student placement

The student will need to be placed before he/she starts working for the Campus Employment Office. They will draw up a contract of employment. There are two ways in which a student can be placed:

  1. If you have already found a student, and you only need to arrange the placement, you may fill in the application form.
  2. If you are looking for a student, you will need to advertise the job vacancy, after which the placement will be arranged. You will first need to advertise the job vacancy.

Foreign students

Foreign students may only work in the Netherlands if they have taken out healthcare insurance. Student insurance does not offer adequate cover. The Campus Employment Office can provide students with more information on this matter. Some students will also need a work permit. The Campus Employment Office can request this type of permit.


The Campus Employment Office charges competitive rates, which also means that employing students can be financially beneficial. Click here to find out more about the rates.


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