Sickness and well-being

About illness, disability, a proper workplace, and staying physically and mentally healthy.

  • The right working posture

    All the information on how to adopt the right posture while working.

  • Staying fit

    Read about taking care of yourself and how Radboud University can assist you in achieving this.

  • Discussing your work and your health

    Discuss problems with your physical or mental health with your supervisor. There are also other people who can offer specialised assistance.

  • Reducing your workload

    A heavy workload may lead to work-related stress. Read about how you can reduce your workload, either on your own or with the help of your colleagues or a coach.

  • Asking the Prevention Officer for workplace advice

    Do you work too much? What is the proper lifting technique? How are strain complaints treated? Your department’s Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Service Prevention Officer can answer any questions about workplace health.