Calling in sick

If you are ill, you must call your supervisor before 9.30 am. When you call, you will need to relay the following information:

  • Your residential address
  • The telephone number where you can be reached
  • If your illness is the result of an accident (that either occurred in your personal life or at work)

Your supervisor will ask you about certain matters, such as:

  • How long you think you will be off work
  • Whether the illness is connected to your work
  • What he/she can do in a supervisory capacity to facilitate your return to work
  • Whether you will be able to carry out alternative tasks or work fewer hours
  • How you will keep in touch during your period of illness

Your supervisor may seek advice from the Occupational Health Officer. You can also make your own appointment with the Occupational Health Officer. Find out more about discussing your work and your health.

Returning to work

When you are feeling well enough to return to work, you will need to let your supervisor know.


The secretary will register your sick leave in the personnel administration system. If you are only ill for a short period of time, no further action will need to be taken.


Need help? Get in touch with your personnel HR officer.

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