Illness and leave

Even if you are moderately or seriously ill, you will still need to take your holidays if - despite your medical situation - you are able to do so, for example if you are performing reintegration activities and/or have exploitable potential.. When it comes to accruing holiday hours, taking holiday hours, and the expiry of holiday hours, the situation is not much different to when you are not ill:

  • You will continue to accrue your normal holiday hours, even during the hours that you have not worked due to illness.  
  • You must take your normal holiday hours when you take time off, even for the hours that you have not worked due to illness.  
  • After 6 months from the end of the calendar year in which the holiday hours were granted, the statutory hours expire, just like they do for staff members who are not ill.  


If you cannot take holidays for medical reasons or due to other special circumstances, your statutory holiday hours will not expire until after five years. The occupational health officer must substantiate this in writing.


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