Reducing your workload

If you want to perform well at work, you will need to achieve a good balance between your job requirements (what is expected of you) and your control options (the time and scope that you have been given in order to meet these expectations). Once this balance is lost, your workload becomes too heavy. This can lead to work-related stress.

If you are dealing with a heavy workload, you can often remedy the situation yourself. For example, you can try to organise your workday differently or try to improve the quality of your sleep. If this does not help in any way,  you can discuss your workload problems with your supervisor. Find out more about staying fit.

You will often not be the only one who is dealing with a heavy workload. If your colleagues are also suffering from a heavy workload, you can discuss your problems with each other. This can be done by using the Workload Chart

Workload assistance

If you need help with reducing your workload, you can request a consultation with a coach. Find out more about discussing your work and your health.


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