Training leave

If you are planning to take a course that you are not permitted to complete during working hours, you can save up your hours in order to accumulate extra leave. During a maximum period of five years, you can accrue 76 holiday hours per year which may be used for a study or training programme. The training programme must relate to your work or career development.


You will need to draw up a written plan with your supervisor in order to keep track of the holiday hours that you have accrued and the holiday hours that you have used up. For this purpose, you can use the form 'Request for Multi-Year Holiday Hours Savings Model'. You will also need to notify your personnel HR officer about your request.

Leave No loss of salary No loss of pension accrual Accrual of holiday hours
Training leave 50 – 100%                v      v


Need help? Get in touch with your personnel HR officer.

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