Unpaid leave

Unpaid parental leave and care leave are other forms of unpaid leave that are regulated by law. The CAO-NU includes additional regulations for sabbaticals. Read more about unpaid parental leave, care leave and sabbaticals.

Other forms of unpaid leave are not regulated by law or collective agreement. You make arrangements about this with your manager.

Unpaid leave in your or common interest

If you want to take leave without taking holidays and without any (partially) paid leave applying to your specific situation, this is unpaid leave. This affects your salary and other conditions of employment. In addition, it may affect any UWV benefits and allowances. It is important to discuss this prior to your leave period.

Salary and leave

On unpaid leave, salary and allowances associated with salary are stopped. During the leave period, you do not accrue holidays. At the end of the leave period, you will regain your original working hours and leave entitlements.


When making arrangements for unpaid leave, it is important to determine what type of unpaid leave applies, what its purpose is and for what duration leave will be taken. 
If both Radboud University and you have an interest in the leave, the pension contribution will be paid jointly by Radboud University and yourself, according to the normal apportionment key (70% for the employer's account, 30% for the employee). If the unpaid leave is only for your benefit, the entire pension premium will be paid by you (both the employer's share and the employee's share). This applies for the whole period of unpaid leave.

During the period of unpaid leave, you remain employed by Radboud University. For this reason, you remain a participant in the Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP. Both the payment of pension premiums (employer and employee contributions) and the accrual of pension rights continue during the leave period on the basis of the original working hours per week. Because the salary is fully deducted and the pension contribution is withheld from the pay slip, the net salary comes out negative and you therefore have to pay an amount to Radboud University. You will receive an invoice, which you can use to pay the amount.

If you start working for another employer in the Netherlands during your unpaid leave (paid job), and you build up a pension there, you will have to stop building up a pension with ABP. You have to inform your HR department of this yourself so that you do not build up an 'excessive pension'. If you start doing paid work abroad, and may therefore accrue pension abroad, the accrual and payment of pension in the Netherlands will continue.

Loyalis insurance (supplementary disability insurance)

In case of unpaid leave, Loyalis' supplementary disability insurance continues and falls within the coverage (maximum 18 months of leave). The premium is deducted based on the pensionable salary. Depending on whether you continue to pay the pension premium or it is adjusted, the premium deduction for income insurance changes;

Illness during full unpaid leave

If you become ill while taking full unpaid leave, you are not entitled to wages or Sickness Benefits. If you are still ill after the end of the leave, the first day after the end of the leave is the first day of illness. After the end of the leave, you will receive salary again (unless you are entitled to Sickness Benefits), reintegration activities must be started and the waiting period of the WIA will start.

Illness during partial unpaid leave

In case of illness during partial unpaid leave, you only receive salary or benefits for the hours worked. Upon termination of the leave, you will again receive full wage payment. In case of part-time leave, reintegration activities should of course be started immediately.

Health insurance

If you go abroad for an extended period during unpaid leave, this may affect your health insurance. You can contact the health insurance company yourself about this.

UWV benefits (WW-WIA)

Taking unpaid leave may affect any future UWV benefits. For more information, consult the UWV website.


You will need to contact your personnel HR officer about your request.

Leave No loss of salary No loss of pension accrual Accrual of holiday hours
Unpaid leave           x Tailor-made agreement      x


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