Unpaid leave

Unpaid parental leave and care leave are other forms of unpaid leave that are regulated by law. The CAO-NU includes additional regulations for sabbaticals. Read more about unpaid parental leave, care leave and sabbaticals.

Additional extraordinary unpaid leave

Additional extraordinary unpaid leave is neither regulated by law nor by the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities (CAO-NU). Unpaid leave will therefore affect your: 

  • Income
  • Pension
  • Social security

If your leave is in the best interests of Radboud University, the university may elect to assist you in paying your pension contribution. If your leave is not in the best interests of Radboud University, you will have to pay the entire pension contribution yourself. This regulation also applies to employer’s contributions. Under certain conditions, you will be insured for unemployment benefits (under the Unemployment Insurance Act), benefits based on the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act and sickness benefits during unpaid leave.


You will need to contact your personnel HR officer about your request.

Leave No loss of salary No loss of pension accrual Accrual of holiday hours
Unpaid leave           x Tailor-made agreement      x


Need help? Get in touch with your personnel HR officer.

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