Annual leave

You are entitled to 232 holiday hours per year (in accordance with your contract of employment). These hours consist of 152 hours of statutory holiday hours and 80 non-statutory holiday hours. If you participate in the plus variant of the Flexible Working Hours Scheme, you are entitled to an extra 96 compensation hours per year (on a pro rata basis). Full-time staff members may carry over 80 holiday hours to the following year (on a pro rata basis). BASS can tell you how much annual leave you have left this year. 

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Different hours and expiration terms

Your total number of holiday hours consists of compensation hours, statutory hours, and non-statutory hours:

  • Compensation hours: hours accrued when you participate in the plus option of the flexible working hours scheme. These hours will expire at the end of the calendar year in which they were accrued.
  • Statutory holiday hours: these are four weeks to which every employee is entitled according to the Dutch Civil Code. These hours will expire in six months (or 1 July of the next calendar year).
  • Non-statutory holiday hours: these are the holiday hours that were agreed on in the CAO NU, and they are in addition to your statutory holiday hours. The expiration term for these hours is 5 years.

Automatic deduction

In BASS, where you register your holiday and leave hours, the order in which hours will be deducted is also integrated. The holiday and leave hours with the shortest expiration term will be used first. This will happen automatically, and no action is required on your part.


  1. first the remaining statutory hours of the previous year;
  2. then the compensation hours;
  3. then any non-statutory hours that are near expiration;
  4. then the statutory hours of the current year;
  5. and finally any non-statutory hours, with the shortest expiration term first.

Please note: Your holiday and leave hours expire if you do not use them before the expiration date.



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