Request leave

Leave can be requested in The Business Administration System (BASS). First, you need to log in via BASS. Read the instructions to find out how you can use the self-service system to request leave.


  1. Selfservice requesting leave

    1. Open the Start menu BASS and activate “Enter Leavedetails”.
    2. Click on [Enter Leavedetails].
    3. Enter the start and end dates of the Leave, using the calendar if needed; enter the number of hours.
    4. If you do not yet wish to submit hours for approval to your supervisor, click on [Save For Later]. This can then be updated (see below under Update) and completed and submitted at a later date.
    5. There is a confirmation on the Review page. The status of Leave hours that have been saved on the Review page will be listed as “Pending Approval”.
    6. A notification that the Leave of absence request has been forwarded for approval to the supervisor appears in the Worklist on the Start Page
    7. Following the supervisor’s approval, the notification will appear in the Worklist
  2. Requesting extraordinary leave

    1. Follow step 1 and step 2 from the steps above 'Selfservice requesting leave'.
    2. In the Absence Type drop-down menu, select “Extraordinary leave”.
    3. The Absence Reason box will default to “Emergency leave”. If you have a different reason for requesting leave (“Extraordinary leave” or “Study leave”), select it from the drop-down menu that appears.
    4. Continue the steps above from step 3.

    PLEASE NOTE: You have to fill in the number of days affected by the extraordinary leave. You can enter two digits after the decimal point/comma (depending on the setting in BASS).

  3. Updating a leave request

    1. To amend a Leave request, click on the icon in the Update column on the Absence Review page.
    2. The screen 'Updating Absence Enter Absense Details' will open; this is where amendments can be made.
    3. Click on [Next]; the proposed amendment will be displayed on the screen.
    4. If the amendment is correct, click on [Submit]. This will be processed the same way as a new Leave request.
    5. Following approval by the supervisor, the amendment will be implemented.

    If a leave day has already been entered and later a leave request is submitted for a period that includes this day, the leave request for 1 day can be amended to cover several days by changing the start and/or end date and the number of hours.

    PLEASE NOTE: If a leave request, whose date has already passed, needs to be changed, this can only be done by the secretary of the department in question. The Update icon is not clickable.

  4. Deleting a leave request

    1. To delete a Leave request, click on the icon in the Delete column on the Absence review page.
    2. The screen 'Absence Details' will open with the removed Leave request.
    3. Click on [Submit]. This will be processed the same way as a new Leave request.
    4. Following approval by the supervisor, the Leave request will be deleted.
  5. Leave balance

    • The Leave balance can be viewed on the My Leave Details screen by clicking on Leave overview.
    • The Leave balance can also be viewed by opening My Leave Balance in the Main Menu on the Start page.